A Masterfully crafted Iced green tea with exotic eastern fruits and just a hint of fresh mint leaf. This smooth and refreshing fruit profile is the quintessential summer vape.

Ever hear the old saying “first impressions last”? You probably have—because, well, it’s true. So with the first flavour of the Brand Name line, we pulled out all the stops to bring you the best damn Ice Tea on the market. It’s simply the best. Period. Now go try it for yourself.


A poolside cocktail of delicious summer fruits packed into a watermelon punch bowl, citrus mashed up with litchi, kiwi and strawberries in watermelon juice.

Poolside delivers a refreshingly taste that instantly qualifies it as an all-day-vape, even for vapers who are not normally crazy about fruity candy flavours.

But don’t just take our word for it – try it for yourself and experience what it’s like to live poolside for a moment.


The same classic fruit mix of Apple Lemon & Litchi but with a twist of jelly candy and Fihrty Siiixxxx Sentie candies in every bottle.

You could say Widow has a flavour that’s truly out of this world, since there’s actually no such thing like this, Widow is exactly what we’d hope a fruit mix of Senties jelly candied tasted like if they happen to exist elsewhere in the galaxy. Widow is definitely a must-try.

Summer Breeze

Summer breeze This is exactly what we would imagine a summer breeze to taste like, light soft and fluffy, almost as if you could kiss Mother Earth.

When we started with the profile we imagined it to be like having that first kiss on a short summer holiday trip, that innocent love of meeting someone at a pool and having a glow of cherry pink blossom cheeks. Summer Breeze will make you feel happy with a yearning desire for the sweet nectar of a holiday crush. a blend of Coconut, Guava, Papaya and Pineapple.

Tropical Love

Tropical Love is a tasty tropical blend of mild-mannered fleshy Dragonfruit, juicy red Strawberries, sweet Coconut water and tangy Sanguinello Blood oranges.

Perfect for these scorching days ahead.